Esurance CMO Discusses Insurance for the Modern World

Our CMO discusses our new ad campaign and provides insight into what exactly it is that makes Esurance insurance for the modern world.

The new Esurance ad campaign. Since we launched it in December, it’s been the source of comments and questions galore …

“Who’s the voice in the new commercials?” “What’s the song in the new commercials?” “Is that the ultra-famous talking dog?” We’ve done our best to answer all your questions right here on our blog, but today, our CMO takes things a step further. In the video above, he discusses the new campaign and provides insight into what exactly it is that makes Esurance insurance for the modern world.

Here’s the transcript (for all you readers)

Hi, I’m John Swigart, Chief Marketing Officer for Esurance. I wanted to take a moment to discuss our new “Insurance for the Modern World™” advertising campaign.

Insurance for the modern world

“Insurance for the Modern World” is the first campaign for Esurance since we were acquired by Allstate last year. With this new campaign, we want to show that Esurance is a smarter choice for consumers who are comfortable shopping for and buying car insurance on their own. Esurance was born online, so we’re a company that is actually built to save people money. We’ll feature the tools we offer to help consumers shop for and manage their insurance more efficiently, such as real-time comparison quotes, our mobile apps, and our RepairView™ experience.


Now, I’d like to talk about why we decided to direct people to our Facebook page. Esurance is virtually the only insurance company that allows open and public dialogue on our Facebook page. We use it to address real customer service issues that people may be having and it helps us become a better company. Just in the last week, we helped several Esurance customers that had come to our page find additional discounts on their policies that’ve lowered their rates.

We do get negative comments along with the positive, but we embrace that. As long as people are respectful and contributing to the dialogue, we value all the conversation. We are paying attention when you post on our page. I myself read the page every day.


How can it be that some people seem to save so much money with Esurance, but then others think we are very expensive? Well, there are 2 truths in auto insurance and both are important to understand: first, almost no one pays more when they switch to a new company and second, no single company has the lowest price for every consumer. We recognize these things at Esurance, which is why we focus on making our quoting process fast and easy, and we are the only major insurance company to offer real-time comparison quotes with just one click of the mouse.


“Insurance for the Modern World” is about embracing the world we live in today. Transparency is a big part of that world, and we think consumers want that and should demand it from the companies they do business with. Open dialogue on Facebook and real-time comparison quotes are just 2 of the ways that Esurance embraces transparency.

We’re going to continue this dialogue with you moving forward in a series of videos and blog posts that address specific customer questions. We hope you’ll check us out to learn more the next time you’re in the market for car insurance. In the meantime, we invite you to post your thoughts on our page.

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